Compacting empty alu cans

Alu cans can be compacted with RUNI screw compactor 20:1. This reduces cost for storage and transport.

Destruction of alu cans

Destruction of returned goods or faulty productions from breweries often result in storage problems. By installation of a RUNI screw compactor both space and handling can be reduced. A RUNI screw compactor compacts up to 20,000 33 cl. alu cans per hour. 

Screw compactor for alu cans

RUNI screw compactor separates the content away. The completely compacted cans can be sold for recycling. 100% destruction ensures that the products are not resold or can go to deposit. 

The machine can be equipped with drain, so full or half full cans can be both destroyed and emptied for their content at the same time. Please read more under separation.

RUNI can offer 2 models for compacting alu cans:

SK240, compacts up to 8.000 33 cl. alu cans per hour
SK370, compacts up to 20.000 33 cl. alu cans per hour


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