Recycle machinery - About Screw Compactors

Screw compactors have two main purposes:

  • They can compact many different kinds of material, quickly and effectively, e.g. EPS boxes used for fish
  • They can separate liquids from solids, e.g. water from washed plastic

Often both characteristics are exploited at the same time. For example, when emptying and compacting juice cartons.

Recycle machinery customised for the purpose

Runi Screw Compactors comprise a basic unit, which is available in three sizes and used in all machines. In addition there are also standard or customized accessories, which make the machine particularly suitable for the specific job it is to perform.

The basic aim is always to customise the compactor so that it suits the customer’s existing production facility as far as possible. At the heart of the machine is a hydraulic-automatic feed-control system, which ensures uniform compacting for all materials and at all times, without overloading the compactor.

Minimal handling

The large capacity of the Screw Compactor, and its slim-line design, make it well suited to locating directly in a process line, or at the end of a production line, in order to minimize handling. Start and stop can be controlled in many ways, either manually or automatically using sensors. A fully automatic, hydraulic Silo System with a Heavy Duty Pre-crusher and several large screw compactors can cope with enormous quantities without having an operator between the separation and final compacting processes.

The great advantages of Screw Compactors:

  • Optimum solutions based on RUNI’s pioneering work, development, and long experience
  • Continuous compacting of material
  • High rate of compacting because of high pressure
  • Low energy consumption because of the torque of the screw'
  • No heat required, instead the friction of the material is used, saving energy
  • Tough and user-friendly, built for hard work

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PET Dewatering Screw Compactor with conveyor belt
Tetra Pak from Juice Before Compacting
EPS Compacting Screw Compactor SK120
SK370 for Dewatering Reject from Paper Mill
SK370 Screw Compactor for drying PE-film
Screw Compactor for Compacting Airlaid Dust
Screw Compactor Dewatering and Compacting Big 20 L. Draught Beer Plastic Containers
Screw Compactor for Compacting Pink Airlaid Dust - Shown in Exit tray
Screw Compactor Drying PE-film as part of Washing Line
Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes en Salmon Production
Double Screw Compactor Compacting EPS Fish Boxes en Salmon Processing Facility
Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes RUNI SK370
SK370 Screw compactors under Silo for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes
SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Used Fish Boxes in France
Two SK370 Screw Compactors under a Silo Solution for compacting pre-crushed EPS from product packaging
SK120 Screw Compactor for Compacting Used EPS from Packaging in England
Screw Compactor Solution for paint buckets
Automatic Solution for EPS with Screw Compactor, Conveyor Belt, and Crane for Block Handling
Screw Compactor Solution for Dewatering Biogas Reject
SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Post Consumer EPS
Automatic Solution for EPS with Screw Compactor, Conveyor Belt, and Crane for Block Handling