O.H. Fiskeeksport - EPS Fish Boxes

You Don't Scrap an Old RUNI

For 25 years, RUNI has supplied the European salmon industry with quality compactors to handle the EPS boxes in which the salmon factories receive their fresh salmon on ice. The industry has experienced growth, and companies who started out with one RUNI, has often had the need to upgrade to a higher capacity. During 2022, RUNI delivered several upgrades, including to a salmon factory in Hirtshals, Denmark.

At O.H. Fiskeksport all usable parts from two old machines (13 and 18 years old) were reused and assembled with a brand new SK370. The system was upgraded with a shared pre-crusher, automatic blockdividers and a crane, so that today O.H. Fiskeeksport has 2 x SK370s with a total capacity of 400 kg/hour. The machines were installed in a new storage facility, built specifically for this purpose.

“We are very satisfied with the upgrade and we are now experiencing improved efficiency and reliability. It was positively surprising to what extent RUNI was able to reuse the old machines. The sale of the EPS blocks will pay for the entire investment, including the new cold storage, within 8-12 months. We are very satisfied with RUNI’s advice, cooperation and implementation of the upgrade.” - Ole Hatlebak, owner of O.H. Fiskeeksport.


Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes in Salmon Production