RUNI SK200Twin Screw Compactor

The New SK200 Twin Screw Compactor for EPS

RUNI SK200TWIN screw compactor, from the series of EPS machines is recommended where fast compacting of a volume of EPS is needed, but where the annual EPS amount is max. 50 tons. The screw compactors compact the EPS (also known as airpop) at the ratio of up to 50:1. Before the EPS was compacted 50 trucks were needed to take the EPS to landfill. Now one truck is enough. The density of the compacted blocks is approx. 350 kg/m³. The compacted blocks can be stacked on a pallet and sold for recycling. 20 tonnes can be loaded on a truck or in a container TURN WASTE TO VALUE!

When the EPS is fed into the screw compactor it will be pre-crushed. The screw and the two automatic hydraulic jaws will compact the material into two solid and uniform blocks.

SK200TWIN is very user-friendly and the different integrated sensors ensure easy operation with automatic start and stop function and adjustable speed for EPS with different density. It is also possible to place the compactor below a silo. For retail shops we recommend that the machine is equipped with a top with slats for sound reduction.

Benefits of the SK200 Twin:

  • Generate income from compacted EPS.
  • Reduce cost for warehouse, transport and disposal.
  • Safe and easy operation with automatic start and stop.
  • High capacity compared to price.
  • Block sizes are easy to handle.

Options for this model:

  • Top for hopper for soundproofing with slats.



90 kg/hour

Energy consumption

Motor 7.5 kW


As with the SK240 and SK370 we offer 2 years warranty or 6000 operation hours, whatever comes first on the machine.


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