XPS Compacting - Extruded Polystyrene

Compacted XPS blocks
Compacted XPS blocks
XPS Foam before compaction
XPS Foam Compacting Solution
Pink XPS Foam Compacted in Silo Solution

XPS Waste

XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) is a foam material which is widely used in the construction industry. It has a strong and firm structure and is often used as a base for heavy constructions. It can be used as insulation of flat roofs or as protective packaging for furniture during transport.

XPS contains a great deal of air, which makes it suitable for compacting. This is a good solution in connection with demolition of buildings, or at manufacturers of XPS containing elements, where they have off-cuts or faulty manufacture, which must be disposed of.

Recycling XPS

The cost for transport and handling can be reduced significantly by compacting the material at the source. The compacted XPS blocks can be sold for recycling instead of ending as expensive regular waste.

RUNI XPS Compactor

RUNI has a model of the SK370 screw compactor with extra equipment for dealing with the XPS, which because of its structure is difficult to compact. When the XPS is fed into the Heavy Duty pre-crusher it is crushed into smaller pieces and the screw and then the hydraulic jaws compacts the material into uniform blocks. These blocks can be stacked on a pallet. The machine can be fed manually into a 45° hopper or with a conveyor belt into a vertical hopper. The different incorporated sensors ensures easy operation with automatic start and stop function. It is also possible to install the compactor below a silo for XPS dust or smaller pieces.



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