Powerful machinery for compaction and drainage of many materials

When working with RUNI you will meet a team with many years of know-how. We seek to create the best energy-efficient and long-term solution, that will make a real difference for your business and the environment.

At RUNI we think long-term, not least when it comes to our relationship with our customers. Many RUNI customers have machines that are 10-15 years old and still running well. Of course, they need maintenance and the occasional spare part replacement, but here we also strive to always offer fast and competent help – also many years after the delivery and installation of the machine.

RUNI’s screw compactors support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and make a positive difference that promotes sustainability and the circular economy.


Until now RUNI machines have taken care of

  compacted kg of EPS
  kg reduction of CO2 emission
  car trips around the world saved


Carlsberg Breweries, Denmark

Dewatering Various Cans and Bottles with RUNI Screw Compactor Besides beer cans, Carlsberg Breweries in Denmark also produce Coca-Cola® in aluminum cans and PET-bottles. Carlsbergs effective quality control daily sorts out substantial quantities, that needs to be destroyed.  For more than 15 years...

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Rexcell, Sweden - Airlaid

Compacting Airlaid Dust with Screw Compactor The Swedish company, Rexcell, produces tissue and airlaid. They are among the leaders within this business with a high level of technology in their production. The RUNI SK370 was installed under their extraction system to compact the dust before it goes into the waste...

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Systec, Germany - Plastic Film Recycling

Drying PE-Film with RUNI Screw Compactor One of the largest manufacturers of plastic granules from post-consumer waste in Europe, Systec Plastics Eisfeld GmbH in Germany, chose in 2017 to replace their existing installation of screw compactors with 6 new RUNI screw compactors type SK370, into their washing line for...

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Oyak, Turkey - Drying RDF

Drying RDF at a cement factory in Turkey For some years, the Turkish cement company OYAK CIMENTO had tried to find the optimal drying of their incoming RDF, which they use as alternative fuel at their cement kiln.  In 2022, a trial was set up with a RUNI SK370Twin. The test showed a very satisfying result...

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Recycling Off-Cuts and Rejected Foams at Selit North America

For over 40 years, Selit North America has specialized in extruding the foam layer beneath the flooring commonly found in households, offices, or buildings. In their extrusion line, they generate off-cuts from trimming rolls of foam, as well as rolls generated during transitions between different foam types they...

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Morpol, Poland - Processor of Fresh Salmon

Compacting Used EPS Fish Boxes with Screw Compactor Morpol in Poland, for many years the world’s largest processor of fresh salmon and today part of the Marine Harvest group. Every day Morpol receives thousands of EPS boxes with fresh salmon and chilling ice. The boxes are only being used once and Morpol...

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Cap Fraicheur, France - EPS

Solution for EPS-handling with Screw Compactor Cap Fraicheur, a French retail chain with a large sale of fish was looking for a solution to compact their many used EPS fish boxes. Normally they have around 60 kg (130 lbs) per day. Most of the stores are located in city centers, and the available space is very...

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O.H. Fiskeeksport - EPS Fish Boxes

You Don't Scrap an Old RUNI For 25 years, RUNI has supplied the European salmon industry with quality compactors to handle the EPS boxes in which the salmon factories receive their fresh salmon on ice. The industry has experienced growth, and companies who started out with one RUNI, has often had the need to...

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Silkeborg Recycling Station

Optimises Recycling of EPS (Airpop) with Reason Approx. 30 tons annually or equivalent to more than 60 truckloads of EPS are collected today instead of going into the container with other combustible materials. The EPS has previously been a large part of the combustible fraction, but is now compacted on site and...

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Haith Recycling, Great Britain - Biogas Industry

Optimize Biogas Production with Screw Compactor  Food waste is very suitable for anaerobic digestion plants. By separating as much of the organic liquid from the packaging the more feed stock is created for the plant and the weight of the packaging is reduced. The packaging normally goes to landfill. Haith...

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Tarm Recycle Station - EPS

Compacting of EPS/airpop for recycling Tarm recycle station compact the gathered EPS, also known as airpop, in the recycle station with a RUNI SK200Twin and sells the compacted EPS blocks for recycling.Earlier the EPS was part of combustibles assorted, but now has to be separated. It has been quite a change for the...

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Vartdal Plast

Vartdal Plast – takes the lead role in Norway From fish box producer to waste collector and LOOP ambassador Vartdal Plast is one of the biggest EPS converters in Norway and even in the Nordic region. The company was founded in 1962 and was, actually, the first company to produce fish boxes from EPS...

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Optimising biogas production

Langage Farm, a leading producer of ice creams, yogurts, and clotted cream in Devon, UK, also operates an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant to process their waste food. The plant produces electricity for their factory and fertiliser for their land, creating a closed-loop production system. The presence of packaging...

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RUNI - Danish Engineering

RUNI A/S is a Danish waste compactor manufacturer located in a region with a long tradition of eco-technology, machine manufacture, and metalwork. Our machines are robust and solid machines built from thick plates. They are made to work in harsh environments, 24/7, for many years.

RUNI's screw compactor compacts materials of all kinds - like packaging foam, pet bottles, ALU-cans, household waste, etc. Machines are used to add value to a great number of different materials, either by making them suitable for recycling and onward sale or by reducing costs of transport, disposal, or energy consumption – this is why we say that we turn waste into value.


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