Destruction and Separation of Cosmetics

Various Cosmetic Containers before compacting
Various Cosmetic Containers before compacting
RUNI Screw Compactor for Dewatering Cosmetics over IBC container
Dewatered Cosmetic Packaging in Screw Compactor
Possible Cosmetic Containers for Dewatering

Separate Cosmetic Contents from Packaging

To many manufacturers and brands the challenge is often that they have large amounts of discarded products, that needs 100% destruction to ensure no reselling on the black market.

RUNI screw compactor can handle a mix of all kinds of cosmetics: lotion, powder, mascara, lipstick etc and all kinds of packaging like soft tubes, bottles, cans etc.

100 % Destruction of Cosmetics

The screw compactor is able to squeeze 95% of the cosmetics out of the packaging in one continuous process. The empty packaging is completely destroyed, so there is no possibility of using it as packaging again. This ensures that no cosmetics or packaging re-enters the black market. Some cosmetic packagings are very solid and may take great strength to ensure 100% destruction - but the RUNI screw compactor can do the job.

Spend Less on Waste Handling

A positive side bonus is less cost to waste handling and disposal. The packaging is compacted and saves you transport cost. The cost for incineration or landfill is significantly reduced, as the cosmetics represent the largest weight and this can be delivered to biogas - a benefit for the environment.

The cosmetics can be fed to the screw compactor manually or by conveyor belt. The capacity of the SK370 is approx. 1.000 kg/hour.

The same machine - SK370 can also be used for separation and compacting of other products. Often with a much higher capacity.

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