Seafood Industry

Save Space and Handling with Screw Compactor

The Runi screw compactor was originally developed for the seafood industry. We have machines for small retail shops and up to the largest fish processors. 

Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes en Salmon Production

Norlax - EPS Fish Boxes

Environment Friendly EPS Handling Turns Waste to Value Norlax earned a return on its investment in a RUNI SK370 and its housing within 2 years. On a good day, up to 1,000 boxes of salmon are fed into production at NORLAX A/S, Denmark. The huge quantity of EPS boxes used t...
Double Screw Compactor Compacting EPS Fish Boxes en Salmon Processing Facility

Vega Salmon - EPS Fish Boxes

Compacting Fish Boxes of EPS (Airpop) with Screw Compactor In 2011 VEGA Salmon built new production facilities in Northern Germany very close to the German –Danish border for processing salmon. The production level is characterized by high flow which requires a high capacity compaction un...
Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes RUNI SK370

North Landing - EPS Fish Boxes

The RUNI Screw Compactor Has Been Great North Landing, LLC of Clifton, NJ installed a new RUNI SK370 EPS compactor for densifying fish boxes into recycleable logs. “The Runi compactor has been great. It has allowed us to keep our receiving docks clear and clean ...
SK370 Screw compactors under Silo for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes

Morpol, Poland - Processor of Fresh Salmon

Compacting Used EPS Fish Boxes with Screw Compactor Morpol in Poland, for many years the world’s largest processor of fresh salmon and today part of the Marine Harvest group. Every day Morpol receives thousands of EPS boxes with fresh salmon and chilling ice. The boxes are only being used once and Morpol therefore uses the ...
SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Used Fish Boxes in France

Cap Fraicheur, France - EPS

Solution for EPS-handling with Screw Compactor Cap Fraicheur, a French retail chain with a large sale of fish was looking for a solution to compact their many used EPS fish boxes. Normally they have around 60 kg (130 lbs) per day. Most of the stores are located in city centers, and the available space is very limited. Besides t...