Silkeborg Recycling Station

Optimises Recycling of EPS (Airpop) with Reason

Approx. 30 tons annually or equivalent to more than 60 truckloads of EPS are collected today instead of going into the container with other combustible materials.

The EPS has previously been a large part of the combustible fraction, but is now compacted on site and sold for recycling with reduced transport costs. The 30 tons of compacted EPS blocks can now be loaded on just 3 trucks, and the optimization of the weight of the combustible fraction saves many trips to the incineration plant.

It takes a few hours to compact the EPS, but it is a sensible job that anyone can do. RUNI's compactor is simple, reliable and provides the environmentally friendly result that more plastic resources are recycled.

Engineer Erich Beck, responsible for the purchase of the SK370, states:

During design, assembly and commissioning, RUNI has been a professional supplier who has delivered agreed quality and function at the agreed price.

In addition to knowledge sharing with Danish colleagues, we have had the pleasure of visits from Finland, Norway and Israel during the 5 years of the plant.

Maintenance costs for the plant are extremely minimal - only ordinary lubrication and cleaning.
When Silkeborg Genbrug & Affald can help Danish companies increase turnover and generate jobs, we will be happy to assist. Specially for companies like RUNI.

Automatic Solution for EPS with Screw Compactor, Conveyor Belt, and Crane for Block Handling