Compacting Airlaid Dust

Screw Compactor for Compacting Airlaid Dust
Screw Compactor for Compacting Airlaid Dust
Compacted Airlaid Dust in Jaws of Screw Compactor
Closed Airlock System for Compacting Airlaid Dust
Example of Airlaid Product Before Compacting

Compact Airlaid Dust

Airy nonwoven textile is used for diapers, feminine hygiene, meat pads and other packaging materials. To reduce fire hazard during production of these textiles it is important to control the textile dust in the production areas.

RUNI Solution with Screw Compactor

With RUNI screw compactor SK370 installed directly under the cell lock the dust can be compacted directly into plastic bags. The volume has been reduced significantly compared to loose dust in big bags. When compacted, the dust is suitable for incineration unlike loose dust.

Both dust and off-cuts are blown over to the RUNI screw compactor where the air pressure is removed using a cell lock and the material falls down into the closed hopper. During compacting, the textile fibres are changed so that their soft structure is removed and the compacted material can fall directly down into a container. If the material is very dry it can alternatively be compacted directly into endless plastic bags. Another alternative is to add a little water via a nozzle bracket during the compacting process. This will lower dust problems to a minimum.

The SK370 has a capacity of 750 kg/hour, and the RUNI achieves up to 650 kg/m3 

Case with Airlaid Dust

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