RUNI SK370 Screw Compactor

The versatile and hard-working screw compactor for large quantities and industrial use


  • Larger screw, more power, more capacity  
  • Profit from converting waste to reusable material  
  • Save space and handling costs by processing waste quickly and efficiently  
  • Save energy – no heat required in the process  
  • Different configurations for a large number of materials  
  • Heavy Duty Pre-crusher can be fitted for particularly tough and dense materials

The SK370 Screw Compactor is the big, heavy duty, versatile machine which compacts a large variety of different materials, including difficult jobs where other machines have to give up.

The RUNI SK370 can be fitted with a large range of accessories: various feed hoppers for manual or automatic feeding, conveyor belts, silo systems, a drainage matrix for de-watering and separation, etc.

RUNI also develops and supplies customised solutions as required.

Power consumption
Primary motor 15 kW
Hydraulic pump 0.55 kW
Pre-crusher motor 1.1 kW or 5.5 kW

The machine can compact about 200 kg EPS (about 300 fish boxes with lids), 9,000 half-litre PET bottles or 3,000 3 litre metal cans per hour.

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