At RUNI, we understand that a great machine is only part of the solution. Correct usage, regular maintenance, and effective control are equally crucial. This is why we at RUNI take pride in our service department. Whenever doubts, breakdowns, or questions arise, our service team is ready to help and assist. We help to ship the needed spare parts as fast as possible. Also, when needed, a RUNI technician will come to you, check the machine, and resolve any of your issues if you're in any of our global direct markets. In other markets our distributors offer excellent service.

What can the RUNI SERVICE DEPARMENT help you with:

  • Maintenance: Whether you need an annual check-up, maintenance after a certain number of running hours, or need a more thorough inspection of an older machine, our technicians ensure your RUNI machine is finely tuned for optimal performance. If you have questions or need a more thorough inspection, our team is here to help.

  • Spare parts: Our service department is always ready to help with spare parts and to help with the best possible solution when updates and/or new pieces are needed.

  • Breakdown support: In case of a breakdown, the service department can either assist you on the phone or via email, help you book a RUNI technician to go to the machine or help with spare parts and guidance to get the machine up and running again.



In our direct markets, we offer service agreements, including a yearly visit for maintenance and control of the machine by a RUNI technician – here, the machine will also be fine-tuned to ensure the best workflow and results of the machine.


You can find our technicians in our Personnel page, or you can contact the service department here:

Tlf.: +45 97371799 / Email: