Compacting Empty Alu Cans

Empty Alu Cans from fizzy Drinks Before Compacting
Empty Alu Cans from fizzy Drinks Before Compacting
Compacting System for Alu Cans with Screw Compactor
Visual Agitator in Hopper for Dewatering Cans with Screw Compactor
Compacting System for Aluminium Cans with Screw Compactor and Conveyor Belt

Destruction of Alu Cans

Faulty productions from breweries or returned goods, are some of the cases where storage problems may arise, and the need for destruction arises, as this "waste" takes up a lot of space. By installation of a RUNI aluminum can compactor both space and handling can be reduced. The RUNI aluminum can compactor compacts up to 20,000 33 cl. alu cans per hour. 

Screw Compactor Solution for Aluminium Cans

RUNI aluminum can compactor separates the content away. The completely compacted cans can be sold for recycling. 100% destruction ensures that the products are not resold or can go to deposit.

The machine can be equipped with drain, so full or half full cans can be both destroyed and emptied for their content at the same time. Please read more under separation.

RUNI Models for Compacting Alu Cans:

SK240, compacts up to 8.000 33 cl. alu cans per hour
SK370, compacts up to 20.000 33 cl. alu cans per hour

The achieved density after compacting is up to 400 kg/m3 

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