Systec, Germany - Plastic Film Recycling

Drying PE-Film with RUNI Screw Compactor

One of the largest manufacturers of plastic granules from post-consumer waste in Europe, Systec Plastics Eisfeld GmbH in Germany, chose in 2017 to replace their existing installation of screw compactors with 6 new RUNI screw compactors type SK370, into their washing line for PE film, as part of the drying process of the crushed and washed plastic flakes.

According to the managing Director Mr. Vilmos Polgar, the reason for choosing the RUNI screw compactors were based on a successful test on site in Eisfeld under production conditions and full throughput of the washing line.

Director Systec, Mr. Vilmos Polgar:
"The RUNI SK370 dewatering press was at the same throughput able to minimise the energy consumption significantly and simultaneously reducing the moisture content with 50% compared to our old installation."

 Watch a video showing Systec's facilities here.

Screw Compactor Drying PE-film as part of Washing Line