RUNI SK120 Screw Compactor

Small, Compact and User Friendly Screw Compactor for EPS

RUNI has developed a small compactor for EPS (RUNI SK120), that suits the retail trade and smaller industrial companies. Used packaging and packaging materials made from EPS in the retail and industrial sectors take up masses of space and require frequent collection. EPS cannot be compacted in ordinary waste compactors. Runi screw compactor solves both the space and waste problem.

RUNI SK120 screw compactor is the smallest machine for compacting EPS and is recommended for small amounts of EPS with an expected annual volume of up to 10 tonnes. The screw compactor can compact the EPS (also known as airpop) in the ratio of up to 50:1. Before the EPS was compacted 50 trucks were needed to take it to landfill. Now just on truck is enough. The density of the compacted EPS is approx. 350 kg/m³. The compacted blocks can be stacked and sold for recycling. RUNI SK120 is the perfect solution for the environmentally conscious retailers, small warehouses and smaller fish processing companies. TURN WASTE TO VALUE!

When EPS is fed into the screw compactor SK120 it will be pre-crushed and following the screw and the manual jaws will compact the material into solid and uniform blocks. The SK120 screw compactor is user friendly and equipped with an legible ammeter, which makes it easy to adjust the compaction ratio. In the retail shops it can often be an advantage to have the machines equipped with soundproofing material.

Benefits of the SK120: 

  • Reduce cost for warehouse, transport and disposal – generate an income from sales of compacted blocks
  • Low cost for use and maintenance
  • Simple, easy and safe operation
  • Solves waste problems effectively, saves space, handling and collection
  • Compacted EPS materials can be sold for recycling to benefit both the environment and the company’s finances
  • Even smaller companies experience a quick return on investment
  • Takes up very little space – can be placed under pallet rack.
The SK120 compactor has a 1,5 kW motor with integrated pre-crusher and is available either with manual jaws or automatic jaws and speed control which ensures a uniform and stable flow of EPS. 


  • Wheels for SK120 screw compactor with bag holder – set of 4 wheels.
  • Soundproofing in hopper and lid – reduces noise with 10-15 dB.
  • Bag holder – for compacting EPS directly into bags.
  • Bags for SK120 – 500 meters.

The RUNI SK120 is the perfect solution for environmentally conscious supermarkets, electronics and appliance retailers, fish companies and other companies who want to minimise their waste costs. It is a small compactor for companies with limited, but continuous, quantities of EPS which can be managed by feeding manually. With dimensions of only 1.75 x 2.95 x 0.50 m (HxLxW), it is easy to find space for the machine in the warehouse or on the production line.

The SK120 compacts EPS in the ratio 50:1. This gives a density of about 300 kg/m³. The compactor is equipped with an easy-to-read ammeter, which makes it very easy to adjust the compaction.


The machine compacts about 18-20 kg EPS per hour/max. 4 hours operation per day (80 kg daily capacity) 

Energy consumption

Motor 1.5 kW


12 months referring to "Orgalime SI14" or 3000 working hours, whichever occurs first. 

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