Multiple Benefits from Compacting EPS

Xerox is a household name in the world of office equipment and printing. When it comes to shipping valuable electronics or equipment, such as Xerox’s commercial printers and copiers, EPS packaging is an unparalleled solution with its low weight and impact-resistant properties. However, after delivery, two problems become present with the discarded packaging: it takes up significant warehouse and dumpster space, while being environmentally unfriendly when going to the landfill or incineration.

By adding a SK240 densifier at their distribution center, Xerox was able to immediately reverse that course of action. By compacting the foam, they were able to increase available warehouse space, significantly lower their waste disposal costs, and most importantly, produce a recyclable product that could now be purchased for its second life.

At one distribution center, Xerox has brought down their annual waste bill from over six figures to around $2,000 annually with several recycling initiatives in place.

“The RUNI densifier pays for itself. At a 50:1 compaction ratio, that means we’re using 49 less trucks to haul away the expanded air.”

“The RUNI SK240 is a gamechanger. It’s convenient for our recycling needs and extremely easy to use. We could not proceed with our day-to-day workload without it. Every company with excessive Styrofoam should have one.”

- Brian O’Connor, Warehouse Manager at Xerox Business Solutions

Two SK370 Screw Compactors under a Silo Solution for compacting pre-crushed EPS from product packaging