Fully Automatic System with Silo Buffer

Silo System with Four Screw Compactors for EPS / Airpop
Silo System with Four Screw Compactors for EPS / Airpop
Fully Automatic System for Compacting EPS with Conveyor Belt, Stand Alone Pre-Crusher, Silo and SK370 Screw Compactor
Fully Automatic System for Compacting EPS with Stand Alone Pre-Crusher, and Silo over Two Screw Compactors SK370
Silo Solution with Stand Alone Pre-crusher, Silo over SK370 Screw Compactor, Guillotine and Crane for Block Handling

EPS Compactor for Great Quantities with Silo Solution

The RUNI silo system is designed to compact great quantities by using the silo as a buffer in peak periods. With this you save labour hours and avoid wasting time because the stand alone Heavy Duty Pre-Crusher has a substantially greater capacity than the compactor. 

Typically, in a completely automatic system the pre-crusher and the compactor are separated. The material is fed into the stand alone Heavy Duty Pre-Crusher with a great capacity and is blown from there through a pipe system into the silo bag. From here the material spreads out automatically in the silo and falls down into one or more compactors in the right velocity. 

The silo solution can also be used in connection with compacting dust or when, because of space limitations, the feed in hopper and the compactor must be separated, for example in a sorting line, in which the pre-crusher and be placed in the loading area and the compactor with the silo can be placed in another, separated room.

Benefits of Silo Solution for EPS:

  • Save space and handling costs by removing up to 1.000 kg of EPS per hour
  • Reduce manual labour
  • Optimize logistics by placing the Heavy Duty Pre-Crusher near the waste handling area and the silo and compactor in a separate room
  • various compactors under the same silo

Options for Personal Fitting of Solution:

  • Transporting belt
  • Solutions for block handling (Automatic block divider and crane)
  • Solutions with 1 - 7 screw compactors
  • Different sizes of silos from 20m³ to 150m³.


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