Waste disposal - Dust

RUNI compaction system as a part of a Dust Extraction Systems

The RUNI SK370 compaction system has been installed as a capture element and transportation of the dust discharge of an extraction system at a German waste disposal company, that sorts waste and recycles raw materials. The RUNI compactor is sealed, which makes it perfect for this purpose. The dust will be trapped inside the compactor until the end of the compaction process, where it is pushed out into a container.

With the RUNI SK370 the problems with dust can be minimized. The dust gets compacted, which makes it smaller in size and more managble. Due to the sealed compactor, the harmful work environment, that the dust can cause, will no longer be a problem. The dust does not leave the compactor before it is ready to be dumped in the container. 

RUNI screw compactor is a solution for dust

RUNI screw compactor is equipped with sensors for automatic start and stop of the machine. The dust is compacted automatically by the screw and the support from the hydraulic jaws being controlled by kW usage of the machine. The compactor can be equipped with a nozzle bracket, that sprays a little water before the dust falls into the screw for compaction. This will bind the dust even more. 

Dust from various production processes can be harmful for the working environment, but with a RUNI screw compactor for dust, it does not have to be an issue. 

SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Post Consumer EPS in a container at a public recycling center