Cap Fraicheur, France - EPS

Solution for EPS-handling with Screw Compactor

Cap Fraicheur, a French retail chain with a large sale of fish was looking for a solution to compact their many used EPS fish boxes. Normally they have around 60 kg (130 lbs) per day.

Most of the stores are located in city centers, and the available space is very limited. Besides the lack of storage, the odor from the used fish boxes was causing problems among the neighbours.

It was necessary to find a solution reducing the odor and volume of the waste and recover storage space.

RUNI’s SK200 was offered to the largest stores. At Cap Fraicheur's smaller stores in hypermarkets in Paris the fish boxes are now crushed into plastic bags and then transported to the largest shop for compaction.

Area Sales Manager RUNI, Mr. Jens Kristian Kristensen:
"In this way the company secured a model for the recycling of valuable material and with the RUNI SK200 they now have a user friendly and secure machine for their personnel."


SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Used Fish Boxes in France