Morpol, Poland - Processor of Fresh Salmon

Compacting Used EPS Fish Boxes with Screw Compactor

Morpol in Poland, for many years the world’s largest processor of fresh salmon and today part of the Marine Harvest group. Every day Morpol receives thousands of EPS boxes with fresh salmon and chilling ice. The boxes are only being used once and Morpol therefore uses the RUNI SK370 for effective handling of the empty wet boxes contaminated with some blood from the salmon.

By compacting the boxes, Morpol has turned thousands of tons of plastic waste into valuable recycling materials. In the first years they used a single SK370 screw compactor. Today the continuously expanding company has two effective RUNI silo systems with 7 SK370 placed under each.


Plant Maintenance Manager at Morpol, Mr. Miroslaw Nojek:
"With our fleet of RUNI screw compactors, we have gained a customized solution compliant with our need of a high operation security and service. The compactors were quickly paid off by the sale of the compacted blocks."

SK370 Screw compactors under Silo for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes