Rexcell, Sweden - Airlaid

Compacting Airlaid Dust with Screw Compactor

The Swedish company, Rexcell, produces tissue and airlaid. They are among the leaders within this business with a high level of technology in their production.

The RUNI SK370 was installed under their extraction system to compact the dust before it goes into the waste container. The advantage with a RUNI screw compactor is the continuous operation with automatic start, which makes it unnecessary to have an operator standing next to the machine. Also the machine needs to be airtight, to avoid dust everywhere, as the airy fibre structure is destroyed during processing.

The compacted dust achieves a density of approx. 700 kg/m³.


Project Manager Rexcell, Mr. Sigge Pettersson:
"Runi offered a customised solution to our problem with handling of the off-cuts from the production. The machine (SK370) is very solid and reliable and fullfill our needs. We are also very satisfied the Runi’s support during planning, start-up as well as the service after commissioning."

Screw Compactor for Compacting Pink Airlaid Dust - Shown in Exit tray