Separating and Compacting Alu Cans

Dewatering Solution with Screw Compactor for Aluminium Cans with Conveyor Belt
Dewatering Solution with Screw Compactor for Aluminium Cans with Conveyor Belt
Full Aluminium Cans before Compacting and Separating in Screw Compactor
Compacted Cans Collected After RUNI Screw Compactor
RUNI Screw Compactor for Dewatering Alu Cans and PET bottles with Agitator in Hopper

Separate and Compact Alu Cans

By installation of a RUNI screw compactor both space and handling can be reduced in relation to for example, returned goods of faulty productions, that could be from breweries, and these often result in storage problems. The RUNI screw compactor also assures 100 % destruction. 

The Screw Compactor Solution for Dewatering and Compacting Alu Cans

RUNI screw compactor separates the content away. The completely compacted cans can be sold for recycling. 100% destruction ensures that the products are not resold or can go to deposit. The separated liquid can easily be collected in a tank without making the surroundings dirty and then it can be used for animal feed, biogas or directly into a drain.

To avoid bridging in the hopper RUNI has developed a special aggregate - agitator. Also a solution for removing foam from beer cans are developed to prevent overflow. The machines are equipped with sensors for automatic start and stop. Feeding of the machines can be done manually, with conveyor belt or with tilt container.

RUNI offers 2 models for compacting and separation of alu cans:

SK240 compacts and separates up to 7.000 33 cl. alu-cans per hour
SK370 compacts and separates up to 20.000 33 cl. alu-cans per hour

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