Haith Recycling, Great Britain - Biogas Industry

Optimize Biogas Production with Screw Compactor 

Food waste is very suitable for anaerobic digestion plants. By separating as much of the organic liquid from the packaging the more feed stock is created for the plant and the weight of the packaging is reduced. The packaging normally goes to landfill.

Haith Recycling searched the market before deciding upon a RUNI screw compactor. They found cheaper technology but after a test they found that RUNI’s SK370 was a better machine, able to drain out more organic liquid and reduce the weight of the packaging waste significantly.

Director of Haith Group, Mr. Steve Haith:
"The machines are robustly built with very little go wrong, very simple control system with auto reverse and auto compression which can be adjusted very simply on the HMI screen. I would recommend RUNI to anyone with a de-watering issue and we will continue to install the RUNI in our AD waste food hall de-packaging plants."

Screw Compactor Solution for Dewatering Biogas Reject