Environment and Waste

Save Space, Handling and Power Consumption with Screw Compactor for Waste Handling

Screw Compactor Solution for paint buckets

Veglo - Metal Cans

Separating Paint Leftovers from Buckets By separating paint from the buckets and compact the packaging, the waste handling company saves money on both transport and disposal VEGLO MILJØSERVICE AS collects and processes hazardous waste from companies over a wide geographic area in central Norway, includin...
Automatic Solution for EPS with Screw Compactor, Conveyor Belt, and Crane for Block Handling

Silkeborg Recycling Station

Optimises Recycling of EPS (Airpop) with Reason Approx. 30 tons annually or equivalent to more than 60 truckloads of EPS are collected today instead of going into the container with other combustible materials. The EPS has previously been a large part of the combustible fraction, but is now compacted on site an...
Screw Compactor Solution for Dewatering Biogas Reject

Haith Recycling, Great Britain - Biogas Industry

Optimize Biogas Production with Screw Compactor  Food waste is very suitable for anaerobic digestion plants. By separating as much of the organic liquid from the packaging the more feed stock is created for the plant and the weight of the packaging is reduced. The packaging normally goes to landfill. Haith Recycling search...
SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Post Consumer EPS in a container at a public recycling center

Tarm Recycle Station - EPS

Compacting of EPS/airpop for recycling Tarm recycle station compact the gathered EPS, also known as airpop, in the recycle station with a RUNI SK200Twin and sells the compacted EPS blocks for recycling.Earlier the EPS was part of combustibles assorted, but now has to be separated. I...
Automatic Solution for EPS with Screw Compactor, Conveyor Belt, and Crane for Block Handling

Vartdal Plast

Vartdal Plast – takes the lead role in Norway From fish box producer to waste collector and LOOP ambassador Vartdal Plast is one of the biggest EPS converters in Norway and even in the Nordic region. The company was founded in 1962 and was, actually, the first company to produce fish boxes from EPS (Expandable Polystyre...
Silo System with stand alone pre-crusher, SK370 and silo to compact post consumer EPS

Eco Development - EPS

RECYCLING THE LOCAL EPS WASTE Eco Development is an indust...