Oyak, Turkey - Drying RDF

Drying RDF at a cement factory in Turkey

For some years, the Turkish cement company OYAK CIMENTO had tried to find the optimal drying of their incoming RDF, which they use as alternative fuel at their cement kiln. 

In 2022, a trial was set up with a RUNI SK370Twin. The test showed a very satisfying result bringing the RDF down from above 50% moisture to below 30%. Together with the RUNI engineers, a layout was drawn up for a system handling their 15 tons of RDF per hour.

The system consists of four RUNI SK370 screw presses with a transfer screw on top to distribute the 15 tons per hour in the four screw presses. Since all four screw presses can work individually, the system gives OYAK the opportunity to guide the RDF flow into just three of the units at times of maintenance while still allowing the system to be operational. 

Mr. Galip Tekiner, Environment & Resource Recovery Director at OYAK CIMENTO, states:
“We are very satisfied with RUNI’s advice, cooperation, and implementation of the system. Due to the significantly lower humidity in the RDF, the calorific value has increased from 1780 kcal/kg to 3000 kcal/kg.”