Premier Patterns - EPS

Investment Paid Back Within 12 Months

The SK120 meant great savings for small British industrial company. Even with RUNI's smallest screw compactor, waste is turned to value. At the same time, the company got rid of the mess of uncompacted EPS and dust.

PREMIER PATTERNS AND CASTINGS LIMITED in the UK produces EPS patterns and moulds in all sizes, especially for the automotive, boat and aerospace industries. The EPS blocks are cut by hand or CNC machines. Dust and off-cuts are compacted using a RUNI SK120 Screw Compactor.

“We used to be able to fill a waste container of 16 cy3 (approx. 12 m3) three times a week, which cost £60 a time to empty, so we spent over £720 a month just on emptying! Now, it takes three months to fill a container, and we can even sell the compacted EPS at £80 per ton. That’s a major saving, and the investment in the machine is paid back within 12 months,” explains Richard Irwin from Premier Patterns.

Then there’s the improved relationships with neighbouring businesses to take into account, as EPS particles used to be blown around the area, settling as a fine layer on cars outside.

“There used to be a lot of mess outside the unit, but not something we have to worry about anymore, so I think the neighbours are quite happy,” says Irwin.

He is very satisfied with the compactor in terms of functionality and quality.

“It’s a simple but good idea. It’s uncomplicated and easy to operate, works very smoothly without any problems, even though it runs for at least 6 hours in a 10 hour working day. We are very satisfied with the machine and what it does for us. I can warmly recommend it,” enthuses Irwin.

EPS Compacting Screw Compactor SK120