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Storage Handling Would Be Difficult Without the RUNI SK120

RUNI SK120 has meant tremendous savings for a British retailer, in terms of both space and money.

CHANTRY DIGITAL is a British retailer within consumer electronics and hard electrical appliances. The company covers four counties with seven outlets, and has a large nationwide commercial division.

At its head office in Trowbridge, Chantry Digital uses a RUNI SK120 Screw Compactor to compact EPS packaging from products it has sold and delivered to the customer.

“It has meant a tremendous saving in terms of space and money. EPS is a very bulky material even though it doesn’t weigh much. The biggest advantage is that we can now keep the area clean and tidy, but the cost implication has also been a factor,” states Antony Blacker from Chantry Digital.

“We used pay £90 per week to have two skipfulls of uncompacted EPS emptied. That represented about 16 m3 EPS per week and it was expensive to get rid of, as it cannot be recycled. When it is compacted, it can be sold for recycling, so now we have an income instead of a cost,” explains Blacker

Chantry Digital has to collect a ton of compacted EPS to be able to sell it, which takes about 8 months. In the meantime, they have saved over 60 skipfulls, or over 500 m3 of waste. Compared to emptying, the leasing cost yields a saving in the ratio of 3:1.

“But the most important thing is that our storage handling would be difficult without the RUNI SK120. The compactor is quite robust, and very easy to operate, and I would recommend it to anyone,” concludes Blacker.

SK120 Screw Compactor for Compacting Used EPS from Packaging in England