From agriculture to waste and recycling

RUNI A/S was set up in 1973 by mechanical engineer Niels Dysager. The product range has developed and changed over the years. Initially, the company's main product was machines for Danish agriculture. Today, RUNI supplies machines and turnkey solutions for handling waste and recycling materials. More than 90 % is produced for export.

The ‘omnivorous’ compactor

Since 1996, the main product has been the screw compactor. Over time it has proved to be almost 'omnivorous', and we have now supplied more than 2000 screw compactors worldwide for different purposes. We can customize the machines for the customer's purpose.

Built for hard work

Our history cannot be denied. The traces of agricultural machinery are visible in our compactors. They are robust and solid machines made of strong plates. They are built for hard work and designed to operate under challenging conditions for many years. As they are simple and user-friendly, anyone can use them regardless of training.