Insulation Compactor

Insulation in form of mineral wool ready to be compacted
Insulation in form of mineral wool ready to be compacted
Roof insulation blocks compacted and ready for recycling
Compacted mineral wool ready to be recycled
RUNI SK370 solution for mineral wool / insulation
post construction mineral wool to recycle
compacted insulation exiting mineral wool compactor machine

Compact Insulation

When disposal of insulation is necessary a RUNI SK370 screw compactor can be used. The insulation compactor pre-crushes and compacts all forms of mineral wool (stone wool, rock wool, glas wool etc.), when introduced into the hopper of the machine. The machine pre-crushes and compacts the mineral wool into something that resembles very heavy sand, compacted directly into big bags. A full big bag weighs around: 600-700 kg/m3

After compacting the mineral wool, it can be reused by casting it into concrete blocks, these can then be used in traffic or at different companies. This way we make sure it does not simply (and costly as it is) go to landfill. 

RUNI Solution for Recycling Insulation

When the mineral wool is fed into the pre-crusher it will be shredded and after this the screw and the hydraulic jaws will automatically assure that the material will be compacted into a material, that feels like heavy sand, and finally compacted into big bags.

The machine can be configurated with a 45º hopper or be fed with a conveyor belt into the vertical hopper. The different integrated sensors assure easy handling with automatic start- and stop function and speed that can be adjusted. We have also designed a solution integrated in a container, with feeding from outside and the compactor can then work continuously with the material, and the full big bags can be taken out of the end of the container.


  • Reduce cost for warehouse, transport and disposal
  • Reduce manual labor
  • Safe and easy operation with automatic start and stop


  • Design of solution in container for companies or recycling stations
  • Specially designed for demolition companies (connected to vacum-suction)
  • Remote control for quick troubleshooting and assistance from factory


 The RUNI SK370 Function of Dewatering Wet Insulation:

RUNI has delivered screw compactors for dewatering of mineral wool for example:
- The nurseries' grow-bags are full of water after use - here the weight can be reduced by half or more.
- Some industries use mineral wool as filter material. Used filters can with great benefit be compacted and dewatered in a RUNI screw compactor for mineral wool.

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