Compact and Recycle PET Bottles

Empty PET-Bottles before compacting
Empty PET-Bottles before compacting
Screw Compactor for Dewatering PET with conveyor belt
Screw Compactor with conical hopper for dewatering and compacting PET-bottles
Compacted PET-bottles


PET-bottles is the preferred packaging for soft drinks, fizzy drinks, juice and water. However a large waste problem is the consequence of a wide distribution of PET bottles. For breweries the main problem is that they often have large quantities of discharged products that need to be destroyed to eliminate risks of being resold again. For waste collectors the main problem after consumption is the large volume compared to weight, which makes handling and transport difficult and expensive, but makes buying a plastic bottle compactor much more profitable.

Sell Compacted PET Bottles for Recycling

A plastic compactor machine is a great solution to reduce volume and transport of PET bottles. When the bottles have been through the RUNI plastic bottle compactor it is no longer possible to get deposit on the bottles. In many cases the compacted bottles can be sold for recycling. Furthermore, the plastic compactor machine reduces the volume of the PET bottles 8:1. Making the handling and transportation of PET easier and less expensive.
The compacted PET-bottles can be sold to material recovery facilities that have specialized in sorting and shredding this material. Afterwards it can be sold to recycling companies where further sorting, cleaning, shredding etc. is done, before you end up with PET-flakes. PET-flakes are used as raw material for making new plastic products.

RUNI screw compactors can do compacting and dewatering of PET bottles continuously while the liquid is pressed into a tank or the sewage without making the surroundings dirty. To avoid bridging, an agitator can be installed in the hopper. The machines are equipped with sensors for automatic start and stop and can be fed manually, via conveyor belt or tilt container. The compacted PET bottles are pushed directly into a container.

RUNI PET Bottle Compactor

RUNI has developed 2 sizes of screw compactors for this purpose:

  • RUNI SK240 with a capacity of 5000 0,5 litre bottles per hour. Max. size is 1 litre
  • RUNI SK370 with a capacity of 20.000 0,5 litre bottles or 8000 1,5 litres per hour.

Both models can also separate and compact alu cans. Please read more under alu-cans.

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