Compacting Dust

Industrial Dust Collected in Container after Compaction
Industrial Dust Collected in Container after Compaction
Closed Compacting System for Industrial Dust
Compacted Industrial Dust in Exit Tray of Screw Compactor
Screw Compactor Solution for Compacting Industrial Dust

Screw Compactor for Dust

Dust from waste handling plant comes in many shapes. The dust from the waste handling lies as a fine layer all over the entire plant and the surroundings. This is both a problem for the working environment and the immediate environment.

To avoid this problem the dust is collected through a filter with cell lock into a container, big bag or similar. However the dust can still be a problem in its loose form and here the RUNI screw compactor can eliminate this problem.

RUNI Screw Compactor as a Solution for Dust

With the screw compactor SK370 a continuous process is achieved. RUNI screw compactor is equipped with sensors for automatic start and stop of the machine. The dust is compacted automatically by the screw and the support from the hydraulic jaws in relation to the usage of kW on the machine. To bind this kind of dust together, the compactor can be equipped with a nozzle bracket - adding a little water before the dust falls into the screw for compaction.

The compactor has a capacity of 300 kg/hour* (*depending on dust material). 

Case with Industrial Dust

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