Compacting Empty Tinned Food Cans

Compacted Cans After Screw Compactor
Compacted Cans After Screw Compactor
Not Compacted Aluminium Cans
Full Automatic System for Compacting Alu Cans
Compacting Alu Cans in Screw Compacting with Conveyor Belt

Compact Empty Tinned Food Cans

Destruction of returned goods and faulty manufacture from food manufacturer often result in storage problems. By installation of RUNI screw compactor it is possible to reduce space and handling.

Sell Compacted Cans from Tinned Food

The totally compacted tinned food can be sold for recycling. The normal maximal diameter of the cans are 230 mm equivalent to a 10 litre bucket.

The RUNI Solution for Tinned Food

The screw compactor SK370 can compact (and separate content) from tinned food cans in a continuous flow.

The compactors are equipped with sensors for automatic start and stop and can be fed with conveyor belt or manually. Both matrix and collection tray is made of stainless steel (AISI316) to withstand the low pH in many liquids.

For compacting large metal containers and drums with a diameter up to 600 mm RUNI has developed an SK370/600 for this purpose.

The machine can also be equipped with drain, so full tinned food can de destroyed and emptied for content during the process. Please read more under separation.  

The SK370 screw compactor has a capacity of 20.000 pcs 0,33 L cans per hour, and the compaction achieves up to 400 kg/m3

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