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Decrease the size and volume of waste material with industrial trash compactors

The RUNI Screw press compactors are used for compacting many types of waste materials to reduce the volume quickly and efficiently. We manufacture industrial waste compactors for compacting many kinds of industrial waste: various kinds of plastic foams (like EPS, EPP, EPE, XPS and PUR), dust, various plastic containers, aluminum cans and mineral wool. For some materials the RUNI compactors can reach a compaction ratio of 50:1 in one very simple and continuous workflow. 

  Blocks of compacted EPS

Some of our industrial waste compactors not only compacts the materials but also dewater them. RUNI screw compactors can destroy faulty production from dairies and beverage and cosmetic companies etc. Our machines also serve a great purpose in drying and compacting reject from e.g. the AD industry and paper mills.

Turn waste into value with RUNI’s industrial waste compactors

Once compacted, the waste is easier to handle and transport and as a bonus it can often be sold to recycling companies. This is very obvious with EPS. Uncompacted, the waste takes up a lot of space, has n value and most often companies have to pay to get rid of it. When compacted at a ration of 50:1, much more can be transported in a truck load, and it can be sold to recyclers for several hundreds euros per ton.

Expired aluminum cans full of sweet drinks have no value as a resource, but if the liquid is drained from the cans, both waste streams can be valuable. The liquid can be sold for biogas and the cans for recycling. The RUNI SK240 and SK370 for dewatering PET, alu-cans and Tetra-Pak handle this separation process in one workflow. The full product is fed into the machine at the top, the liquid is drained out at the bottom and the solid waste comes out at the end.

 Aluminum cans being dewatered and compacted. 

All our industrial waste compactors are very energy efficient with low kW usage. They are user-friendly and reliable compactors designed to work in difficult conditions and demanding environments.

How to choose the ideal industrial waste compactor

The RUNI screw compactors come in different configurations and in different sizes depending on the need of the customer in terms of required capacity, and how the customer wishes to incorporate the RUNI into their manufacturing process. We can customize the machines to fit the specific need of each individual customer, so that each installation will be the best possible fit.

How we help our clients Turn waste into value

Over the years, we have supplied many machines all over the world to many different kinds of industries, and we are constantly discovering new areas where our machines can really make a difference.

 Compacted textile dust from the production of diapers

At Norlax in Denmark, they have experienced a ROI on the RUNI machine, including a new building to house the machine, in less than 2 years. They process fish and on a good day they will handle approximately 1000 EPS boxes of fresh salmon. Before investing in the RUNI they filled 4 trucks with empty boxes everyday! Now they only have collection once every 2 weeks. Read more here.

Like all other beverage manufacturers, Carlsberg also face the issue of faulty or expired production that they need to deal with. They have a RUNI SK370 for their PET-bottles and a SK240 for their alu-cans. Now they can efficiently separate liquid from solid waste at their own facilities and the PET and alu-cans can be recycled. Read more here.

Contact us to learn more about our industrial waste compactors

Through our many years of experience we have worked with all kinds of materials, many of which with great success. Our 50 years of producing robust machinery of high quality has granted us a great kow-how when it comes to compacting waste. If you have bulky waste, that you would like to compact or faulty liquid production you need to deal with, reach out to us. We will be very happy to assist and guide you in finding the best solution for your individual company.

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PET Dewatering Screw Compactor with conveyor belt
Tetra Pak from Juice Before Compacting
EPS Compacting Screw Compactor SK120
SK370 for Dewatering Reject from Paper Mill
SK370 Screw Compactor for drying PE-film
Screw Compactor for Compacting Airlaid Dust
Screw Compactor Dewatering and Compacting Big 20 L. Draught Beer Plastic Containers
Screw Compactor for Compacting Pink Airlaid Dust - Shown in Exit tray
Screw Compactor Drying PE-film as part of Washing Line
Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes en Salmon Production
Double Screw Compactor Compacting EPS Fish Boxes en Salmon Processing Facility
Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes RUNI SK370
SK370 Screw compactors under Silo for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes
SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Used Fish Boxes in France
Screw Compactor for Compacting EPS Fish Boxes in Salmon Production
SK200 at Supermercati Tosano
Two SK370 Screw Compactors under a Silo Solution for compacting pre-crushed EPS from product packaging
SK120 Screw Compactor for Compacting Used EPS from Packaging in England
Two SK370 Screw Compactors under a Silo Solution for compacting pre-crushed EPS from product packaging
Screw Compactor Solution for paint buckets
Automatic Solution for EPS with Screw Compactor, Conveyor Belt, and Crane for Block Handling
Screw Compactor Solution for Dewatering Biogas Reject
SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Post Consumer EPS in a container at a public recycling center
Automatic Solution for EPS with Screw Compactor, Conveyor Belt, and Crane for Block Handling
Silo System with stand alone pre-crusher, SK370 and silo to compact post consumer EPS
SK200 Screw Compactor for Compacting Post Consumer EPS in a container at a public recycling center