Carlsberg Breweries, Denmark

Dewatering Various Cans and Bottles with RUNI Screw Compactor

Besides beer cans, Carlsberg Breweries in Denmark also produce Coca-Cola® in aluminum cans and PET-bottles. Carlsbergs effective quality control daily sorts out substantial quantities, that needs to be destroyed. 

For more than 15 years Carlsberg has used a RUNI SK370 for emptying and compacting of PET-bottles. A few years ago they also got a RUNI SK240 for destruction of beer cans. Latest Carlsberg have installed a customized RUNI SK370 for their new product, 20 liters draught beer in plastic containers.

Production Manager at Carlsberg, Mr. Sten Klyssing Jensen:
"We are at Carlsberg very satisfied with the compactors from RUNI. It is very important for the company that we effectively can separate directly at the source and here RUNI’s compactors have shown themselves effective and robust. In relation with Carlsberg Draughtmaster project RUNI has complied the company’s need and delivered a customized RUNI SK370, that solves our compacting task. RUNI has furthermore demonstrated good service through the whole cooperation."

Screw Compactor Dewatering and Compacting Big 20 L. Draught Beer Plastic Containers