Dewatering Reject From Plastic Washing Plants

Dewater Rejects from Plastic Washing

All plants for plastic recycling, that washes their plastic before the real processing, have big amounts of reject from the washing plant. The reject is mostly very wet material consisting of paper, plastic, sand, textile etc. Unfortunately the reject cannot be used and therefore the recycling industry often has large cost for disposal of this wet reject.

The Solution with Screw Compactor

RUNI screw compactor is a simple and efficient way to press out the liquid from the reject. It have the necessary sensors and automatic hydraulic jaws making it possible to operate automatically with start and stop, and regulating support depending on the material composition.


RUNI screw compactors have for many years proved to a be a strongly built and tough machine with an extra reinforced screw and screw house that makes it able to work 24/7.

RUNI has developed 2 sizes of screw compactor for this purpose:

SK240 with a capacity of 1500 kg per hour.

SK370 with a capacity of 5000 kg per hour.

When dewatering reject from plastic washing lines in a RUNI screw compactor, the reject ends with up to 75 % of dry matter.

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