Vega Salmon - EPS Fish Boxes

Compacting Fish Boxes of EPS (Airpop) with Screw Compactor

In 2011 VEGA Salmon built new production facilities in Northern Germany very close to the German –Danish border for processing salmon.

The production level is characterized by high flow which requires a high capacity compaction unit.
The traditional way of solving high capacity demands is to have a stand alone pre-crusher and a silo. Due to limited space this solution was not possible.

RUNI suggested a solution of having a high capacity pre-crusher with a buffer zone below. Under the buffer 2 units of the SK370 are placed. This gives VEGA Salmon a flexible system that is able to handle a production peak but also a system that can compact 400 kg. EPS/hour.

It leaves the customer with compaction capacity even throughout maintenance work on one machine.

In all a very flexible solution.

Double Screw Compactor Compacting EPS Fish Boxes en Salmon Processing Facility