Plastic film recycling with RUNI screw compactor

Press the water out of your PE film, also known as polyethylene film and save energy and money. RUNI SK370 presses water out of the shredded and washed PE film. This method is less energy intensive than the traditional drying with centrifuge and thermal heat - save energy in your PE film recycling process.

Plastic film recycling

PE film is widely used in our everyday lives - you probably come in contact with it every single day. Because polyethylene film is used for food packaging, grocery bags, medical packaging etc. It is a product of great demand, however it is non-degradable. There it is more important than ever that we can the used plastic film can be sent to a PE film recycling machine,  and in that way be used for new plastic products.

Furthermore burning PE film will cause pollution of the air, which is why recycling is by far the best choice of action. Our screw compactors can help you save energy in your PE film recycling process and gain the most from your resources.  

During the production of recycled plastic from PE film, the cut-up film is washed thoroughly and then dried. Traditionally, the drying process is carried out using hot air, centrifuging and agglomerating. However, a considerable amount of this energy demanding drying the PE film process can be replaced by pressing the water out of the wet PE film using a RUNI screw compactor SK370.


Press water out of the washed PE film

The drying/compacting process increases the dry matter content of PE film from 60% to 90% at a low energy consumption of only 24 kW per 1.000 kg PE film. When the screw compactor is installed right after the centrifuge the process will be faster and increase the capacity on the whole drying line. The investment will quickly be recouped.

The RUNI Screw Compactor SK370 has been developed to operate on a fully automatic production line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of approx. 800 kg per hour.

A de-compactor unit can be installed to loosen the PE-film after it has been compacted. This can be useful if the PE film should be blown to next step.


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