Dewatering wet stickers

Reduces both water content and volume with RUNI screw compactor and saves money on cost for waste handling. Continuous and efficient dewatering.

When breweries and bottlling plants wash and recycle glass and PET bottles they very often have a large amount of wet stickers/labels. This is the same for companies recycling bottles - specially PET-bottles.

The stickers are very wet and therefore very costly to send to landfill or incineration.

RUNI screw compactor can in a simple and efficient way press the liquid from the stickers. The machine has the necesarry sensors and automatic hydraulic jaws as well as automatic start and stop and control of support depending on the material combination.

RUNI screw compactor with reinforced screw and construction has for many years proved to be a strong and reliable machine built to work 24/7 - also in wet environment.

RUNI has developed 2 sizes screw compactors for this purpose:

SK240 with a capacity of 1500 kg for paper labels or 400 kg for plastic stickers.

SK370 with a capacity of 5000 kg for paper labels or 1500 kg for plastic stickers.

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