Dewatering Paper Mill Waste from Industrial Production

Reject From Paper Production Dried in RUNI Screw Compactor
Reject From Paper Production Dried in RUNI Screw Compactor
RUNI Screw Compactor as Part of Closed System in Paper Factory
RUNI Screw Compactor Solution with Conical Hopper for Drying Reject from Paper Production
RUNI-Schneckenverdichterlösung mit Doppelsystem zum Trocknen von Ausschuss der Papierherstellung

Dewater Reject from Paper Mill

At many paper mills, paper recycling is part of the process. When the paper for recycling arrive at the mill it needs to be sorted from plastic and other unwanted materials. Special paper mill equipments are used for this process where large amount of water is added to the pulper where the paper is dissolved and the plastic and other materials are removed. This paper mill waste is naturally wet and heavy after this process.

The reject causes a lot of problems in the paper industry as it is very difficult to handle and expensive to transport. An amount of the water is taken away from the factory instead of being re-used in their production. Add extra cost for sending the reject to landfill, which is very expensive.

Separating the Water from Paper Mill Reject with Screw Compactor

RUNI screw compactor is a great solution to the problem as the machine dewaters the paper mill waste (reject) in a continuous process leaving the reject so dry that it can go to incineration instead of ending as expensive and injurious waste to the environment in the landfill.

The conditions at a papermill are demanding and it is running all year round. The reject often contains abrasive element like sand. This demands a machine of high quality.

The RUNI SK370 screw compactor has been used for this for many years and definitely proved to be a liable and strongly built machine and with a reinforced screw and really just constructed to work 24/7 with a capacity of 5000 kg per hour of the paper mill waste.
Exiting the RUNI the paper mill reject has a dry % of around 75. 

Case with Dewatering Paper Reject


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