PUR Compacting - Polyurethan

Whole plates, off-cuts and dust from PUR can be compacted into a cylinder shaped block. For handling of PUR with explosive gas RUNI's ATEX certified model is recommended.

PUR (Polyurethan) is used as insulation material for walls and panels in industrial buildings and cold stores, but also in domestic appliances and other industrial products.

RUNI screw compactor SK370 can crush and compact PUR into a cylinder shaped block with a density of 350 kg/m³.

The PUR is compacted directly into endless plastic bags. Thereby the poisonous PUR dust is also incapsulated.

Whole plates and pieces are crushed in the pre-crusher and then the screw and hydraulic jaws compact the material. At recycling centers for refrigerators and freezers the SK370 can be installed directly under a silo for collected PUR pieces. From PUR-production the dust can be absorbed via a vacuum system and then blown to the compactor via a silo system with cell lock.

RUNI's ATEX certified model SK370 is approved to compact PUR without risk of explosion as the gas constantly is sucked away during the process.

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