Separation and compacting defrosted ice-cream

RUNI screw compactor empties and compacts defrosted ice-cream in one process. 100% destruction is ensured at the same time cost for waste handling is reduced.

Manufacturers of ice-cream have a need to destroy returned goods with expired date and faulty manufacture to prevent the products being sold by mistake.

RUNI screw compactor handles both destruction, separation and compacting in one process and handling and storage at the manufacturer are saved. Installation of the compactor close to the production increases certainty of destruction and saves transport cost.

During separation the waste stream is split in two. The liquid can be discarded as waste water or in some cases it can be collected and sold for other purposes  - energy production or animal feed. The solid is now so dry it can go to to incineration at lower cost or sold to recycling.

The material is fed manually or with conevyor belt into a vertical hopper. The liquid is pressed through a hole matrix and the compacted material is slowly pushed out of the departure tray. Capacity is approx. 15.000 Litres per hour.

The hole matrix is made of stainless steel to withstand liquid with low pH.


Please note:
In the food industry the machine need to be placed away from the main production.
The ice-cream must be 100% defrosted.



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