Emptying and Compacting PC and LDPE Drums

Compacted LDPR Water Drums in Screw Compactor
Compacted LDPR Water Drums in Screw Compactor
Plastic Drums before Compacting
Screw Compactor Solution for Compacting and Separating LDPE Drums
Screw Compactor Solution for Compacting and Separating LDPE Drums and Big Containers

Empty Full LDPE Drums Continuously

Large 19-litre water containers, paint buckets and plastic containers are impractical to separate from its content, transport and dispose of because of the enormous amount of empty space.

RUNI Screw Compactor Solution

RUNI has developed one of the only solutions for compacting and separation of these large buckets and containers with a diameter up to 600mm. 100% destruction ensures that the products can not be resold, deposited or used in any way. The liquid from the containers can be collected in a tank or go directly into wastewater treatment.

Turn Water Containers into Recyclable Materials

When the containers are compacted, it becomes cost-effective to transport because the transportation space is used optimally and therefore the compacted LDPE drums can be sold as recyclable material.

With a screw compactor a continuous compacting process is achieved as opposed to a baling press, where both filling and emptying must be done manually. Containers and buckets can be fed manually or via conveyor belt. RUNI screw compactor is equipped with sensors for automatic start and stop. When the containers and buckets are compacted by the screw and the hydraulic jaws, they are pushed out and can fall into a container.

Both matrix and tray are made of stainless steel (AISI316) to withstand the low pH in many liquids.

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