RUNI SK240 Screw Compactor

The Screw Compactor for Greater Requirements

RUNI SK240 screw compactor is the second largest machine for compacting EPS and is recommended for an annual volume of 30-50 tonnes. The screw compactor can compact the EPS (also known as airpop) at a ratio of up to 50:1. Before compacting 50 trucks were needed to take the EPS to landfill and now only one truck is needed. The density of the blocks is approx. 350 kg/m³. The compacted blocked can be stacked on a pallet and sold for recycling. 20 tonnes can be loaded on a truck or a container. TURN WASTE TO VALUE!

The EPS will be pre-crushed in the hopper and compacted by the screw and the automatic hydraulic jaws into the solid and uniform blocks. The density and size of the the EPS is crucial for the choice of pre-crusher. The machine can be fed manually into a 45° hopper or by conveyor belt into a vertical hopper. The different incorporated sensors ensure easy operation with the automatic start and stop function and adjustable speed. It is also possible to place the compactor below a silo and to buy the automatic block divider.

Benefits for The SK240:

  • Save space and handling costs through rapid, efficient waste management  
  • Save energy – no heat required in the process  
  • Profit from selling compacted EPS for reuse  
  • Airtight – suitable for compacting dust  
  • Reduce manual labour
  • Different configurations for a large number of materials

Options for Easier Handling:

  • Heavy Duty Pre-crusher can be fitted for particularly tough and dense materials
  • Different pre-crushers. Available in different configurations and motor sizes
  • Silo solution
  • Automatic block divider

The SK240 Screw Compactor compacts various materials, e.g. EPS fish boxes and packaging in the ratio 50:1. This achieves a density of about 350 kg/m³.

The RUNI SK240 can be fitted with either a 45o hopper or a vertical hopper, depending on the requirement. The machine shown here is fitted with a feed hopper designed for manual feeding of fish boxes, etc. Custom solutions are available as required for dust, alu cans, PET bottles etc.

The machine is fitted with hydraulic/electrically-controlled jaws, which allow it to maintain an almost constant compression pressure.

Power consumption

Primary motor 5.5 kW
Hydraulic pump 0.55 kW
Pre-crusher motor 1.1 kW or 4,0 kW


This machine can compact approx. 75 kg of EPS per hour (approx. 110 fish boxes with lids) or 3,000 half-litre PET bottles per hour.


As with the SK200 and SK370 we offer 2 years warranty or 6000 operation hours, whatever comes first on the machine

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