Recycle your EPP waste

EPP packaging materials for electronics can be compacted into a cohesive block, to save cost for warehouse, transport and disposal. The compacted blocks can be sold for EPP recycling.

EPP Waste for  EPP recycling

The use of EPP is on the increase. It is a material available in many different qualities and finishes and we typically see it used as a packaging material in the electronics and the assembly industries. Using our RUNI compactor will help you turn your EPP waste into value through compacting and recycling.

EPP has a tough structure and it is therefore necessary to mount a Heavy Duty pre-crusher on the compactor to pre-crush the EPP. The screw and the automatic hydraulic jaws compact the material into uniform blocks. The density of the compacted EPP is up to 350 kg/m³. 

EPP Recycling with RUNI compactor

After the EPP waste is fed into the heavy duty pre-crusher and turned into cohesive blocks, they can be stacked on pallets and sent to/sold for recycling with 20 tonnes on a truck or in a container. 

The machine can be fed manually in a 45° hopper or by conveyor belt into a vertical hopper. The different incorporated sensors ensures easy operation with automatic start and stop. It is also possible to buy automatic block divider and crane for handling the heavy compacted blocks.

In addition RUNI has developed a solution that is able to compact both EPS (Airpop) and EPP with the same machine, if both materials appear in the waste stream.

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