RDF/SRF dewatering with RUNI SK370

RUNI SK370 screw compactor dewater up to 10 tonnes of RDF(Refuse-derived fuel)/SRF (Solid recovered fuels) per hour with an energy consumption of only 15 kW. Often it is possible to separate more than half of the water content.

RDF/SRF is waste used as fuel in incineration plants for energy production or in cement kilns. For optimizing the value of the fuel it can be necessary to dewater it. The RUNI screw compactor is able to dewater RDF/SRF in a continuous process with a low use of energy.

 The conditions at RDF facilities are extremely demanding and plants are working 24/7 all year round. In the RDF there are often abrasive elements like sand. Therefore great demands are required of the machine and the RUNI can do it.

 The RDF/SDF can be generated from reject from paper mills or from MSW (municipally solid waste). Often it is shredded down to around 10 mm in size and can therefore easily be fed to the RUNI.

The RUNI SK370 screw compactor has for many years proved to be a liable and strongly built machine with reinforced screw and constructed to work 24/7 with a capacity of 5-10 tonnes per hour.

The screw compactor can be installed as the last link in the line. The machine can be fed with material via conveyor belt or directly under a rotating drum.


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