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RUNI Screw Compactor with Transporting Screw
RUNI Screw Compactor with Transporting Screw
RUNI Screw Compactor Solution for Bed Springs
Tyres and Tyre Textil ready for Compacting
RUNI Screw Compactor Solution

Mineral Wool

RUNI has delivered screw compactors for dewatering of mineral wool for example:
- After use the nurseries' grow-bags are full of water - weight can be reduced by half or more.
- Some industries use mineral wool as filter material. Used filters can with great benefit be compacted and dewatered in a RUNI screw compactor.

  Grow-bag before compaction   Mineral wool


Textile From Tyres

When recycling tyres you have 3 materials:

- Rubber for recycling 
- Steel for recycling
- Textile with a little rubber and steel. this cannot be recycled and end at landfill or incineration.

Tyre textile

The textile has during the recycling process become very soft and dust-like. RUNI screw compactor can simple and effectively compact the textile directly into a container.

Shredded Paper

Shredded paper takes ud a lot of space. RUNI has delivered screw compactors for several mobile security shredding trucks. This way they can have 10 tonnes instead of 2 tonnes.


Cigarette Paper

A producer of packaging for cigarettes has bought 2 RUNI SK370 screw compactors for compacting off-cuts and faulty manufacture.

Screw Compactor Solution for Cigarette Paper

Car Scrap

Larger European recycling company shreds the cars after dismantling - afterwards further sorting using water tup technology (float/sink). All foating parts finally ends in the 2 RUNI SK370 screw compactors where the material is dewatered simple and effecient.


A manufacturer of different products in cellpack has during the working day a lot of off-cuts with huge volume. With several RUNI screw compactors at the factories in EU the cellpack is after compacting transformed into a solid cardboard cyclinder in one automatic and continous process.

Gypsum Boards

When the largest manufacturer in Europe recycles internal waste a lot of paper with gypsum dust is produced. The paper is very airy and spacious. Because of the gypsum dust it is difficult material to compact, but RUNI screw compactor makes it simple and efficient in one automatic continuous process.

The result is a very heavy cardboard cylinder added a little gypsum!

Bed Springs

A global manufacturer of bed springs have huge cost for getting rid of individual springs, off-cuts springs, and springs with fault. After a test and a few adjustments of a standard RUNI screw compactor we succeeded in compacting the difficult springs. The result is an almost solid steel cylinder.

Compacting Solution with Screw Compactor for Bed Springs


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