Eco Development - EPS


Eco Development is an industry leader when it comes to recycling EPS in the US.
Through their commercial and industrial recycling accounts, they handle waste from a variety of businesses, helping them reduce their waste expenses by up to 50 %. They provide their partners with an Environmental Impact Report that shows how much material has been recycled and what this equates to in savings on CO2-emissions.

Eco Development also offers private consumers the possibility of dropping off their clean EPS waste at Eco Development’s facilities in Mason, Ohio.

For their collection site in Mason, Eco Development has chosen to install a RUNI SK370 screw compactor with a 1400 mm heavy-duty pre-crusher and silo to handle the compaction of the material collected from both their commercial and industrial recycling accounts, as well as from the private consumers. After compaction, the EPS is sent for further recycling into new EPS products.

“Eco Development and Runi have been long standing partners, dating back to 2015. Eco Development began working with Runi using their SK120 unit. As our business has grown, we have needed to upgrade to a brand new SK370 for the higher capacity. The service and quality that Runi provides is unmatched. When recommending cold compact densifiers there is no other choice than Runi. ” T. J. Butler, Production and Commodities Manager


Silo System with stand alone pre-crusher, SK370 and silo to compact post consumer EPS